Jocelyn Elmore '20
Jocelyn Elmore '20

Continuing the Legacy

Jocelyn  Elmore

Class of 2020 - Princess Anne, MD
For Jocelyn Elmore, the legacy of Washington College runs through her family. Her sister, Ashley Elmore, who graduated with the Class of 2016, introduced her to the wide range of fascinating programs the college had to offer its students. Interested in exploring the structures behind business, as well as further expanding her knowledge and appreciation for Hispanic language and culture studies, she took the opportunity to come--and has not looked back since.


Coming to Washington College had already become familiar to Elmore, since it was her sister’s influence that impacted her decision to attend.

“I learned from [Ashley] the many opportunities that Washington College has, [such as] the amazing study abroad program,” Elmore said. “It was because of her experiences that I knew I wanted to study abroad in Spain for my entire junior year.”

Elmore, who “always had an entrepreneurial spirit,” knew that she wanted to major in Business to prepare herself for owning and managing her own businesses in the near future, as well as further exploring her interest in Hispanic studies along the way.

Crediting the guidance she has gained with the relationships she has made with her professors and fellow students, Elmore felt she had taken advantage of every opportunity given to her.

“I have met wonderful faculty/staff that have encouraged me and that have been the listening ear that I needed during rough patches, and I have met others who have taken the extra initiative to find opportunities for me that I didn't know existed,” Elmore said. “Everyone has been very supportive through my entire journey here at Washington College.”

Reflecting back on her experiences, Elmore said she wanted to get the most of her college experience, which she feels she has accomplished.

“[Students need to] take advantage of every opportunity,” Elmore said. “Washington College is a great college for networking and the opportunities are endless here. Washington College is small in size but large at heart, [and with] so many opportunities to network and if you can't find what you want or need, if you fight for it, you can make it happen.”

Jocelyn Elmore's Four Year Plan

Year 1

Favorite ClassGRW 101: The Power of Language Ideologies/BUS 302: Organizational Behavior

Exploring the wide range of possibilities Washington College had to offer was exactly what Elmore had in mind her freshman year. During the fall semester, she became heavily involved in learning about the power of different languages and their meanings in different areas across the globe, and throughout the spring semester, enjoyed learning about the organized structures and systems behind a variety of businesses. “My GRW class taught me about the roots and where languages developed and also how we are affected by languages, [with] lots of discussions about how languages are perceived,” Elmore said. “My Organizational Behavior class also gave me insight on how management of company affects the overall environment of the business, [since] I want to own businesses in the future.”

Year 2

Learn by DoingExtracurricular Activities

Getting involved with extracurriculars was one of the main goals of Elmore’s sophomore year—she became involved in a wide range of collaborations and projects, including Black Student Union (BSU) and SEB (Student Events Board). Through her experiences, Elmore learned the importance of hard work, persistence, and alliances between students—skills she hopes to bring with her after graduation. “I had gotten comfortable in my position as social chair in BSU, enjoyed working on the annual events committee, etc,” Elmore said. “I was also involved in the planning and execution of the schools first Afro-Caribbean pageant which was a huge success.”

Year 3

Memorable ExperienceStudy Abroad Trip to Spain

Throughout the entirety of her junior year, Elmore spent her time studying the culture and language of Spain. Feeling a little bit “at a standstill” with her Hispanic Studies, Elmore decided to take the opportunity to immerse herself into the captivating city of Madrid, where she took interactive classes at the local university—“my classes were challenging, since it was all in Spanish, but fun!”--and travelled across nine different countries and fifteen different cities throughout. “My experience abroad was amazing and very rewarding,” Elmore said. “Being in another country by yourself for an extended period of time allows for personal growth and a period of exploration. I recommend to all students to study abroad, it's something that you will never forget and it can change your life.”

Year 4

Looking Forward ToOpportunities to Keep Learning

Though approaching the end of her senior year, Elmore has not slowed down in either her studies or commitments. She has now moved from BSU Social Chair to its President, alongside planning widespread activities and events through SEB as the appointed Director of Annual Events. Elmore is also hard at work with constructing her SCE, in which she plans on designing a business plan for her future restaurant, which she plans on opening five years after graduation from Washington College at the end of the spring. “I plan to go to culinary school and eventually open my own restaurant in the near future,” Elmore said. “My main goal is to find a job that I can use both my Business and Hispanicstudies degree everyday. After I save up money, I plan to dive into starting my future businesses.”